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Alpha 6 Success Story #2

  • by David O' Connor
  • 18/01/2018

 “I can see abs beginning to appear for the first time in about 3 years…”

Training on your own to get Leaner, and trying hard for 3 years without ‘that much’ progress is, well, kind of sh*tty to be honest,

You’re putting all this work into the Gym, might make a little progress, but never really break through that major barrier you know you can.

This is exactly what Mike* (Not real name for Privacy) was going through,

The usual cycle of making a little progress here and there but never really making any proper gains in Fat Loss or Muscle Gain,

And Mike is someone who WAS consistent in the Gym, who IS highly interested in Training & Nutrition so here’s the difference Alpha6 made for him when he signed up 🙂

What kind of position where you in before you started Alpha6?

I had been training myself for years with very minimal results.

I was feeling fed up and knew there must be something wrong with my approach.

So I decided it was time to get a coach.. and I’m very glad I did.

Why did you want to do this Program?

I had cut body fat in the past several times but never saw it through to the end. Having Doc as a coach gave me peace of mind to see it through knowing I was on the right track.

What kind of Results have you got? And what kind of impact has this had on your life?

I’m leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been before and I am feeling very motivated to push my results way further in the coming year.

What’s the best thing about Alpha6?

Learning about how to structure an effective food plan for fat-loss. That’s where I went wrong for years. Having a coach to keep you on track with calories and macros is essential for results. And the food is delicious.

What would you say to any Lads sitting on the fence to join Alpha6?

This is a great program for anyone looking get serious about their body composition goals. It takes hard work and commitment, but if you’re up for a challenge, jump right in and you won’t be disappointed.


After getting in contact to get out of the rut he was in, Alpha6, the group coaching program kickstarted all of that.

Since this, Mike has started a 1-1 Coaching block to transition into a mass gaining phase to build on the base he has built with Alpha 6 💪🏻

If you’re looking to find out about potential 1-1 coaching online and can’t make our facility here in Galway, click here to find out more:

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