At Home Kilo Kick Start

- FREE 7 DAY TRAINING KICKSTART - For Lads that Want to Tone Up, Lose the Gut & Build Confidence.

All While Doing it from home...


  • Video 1 will Run through the Foundational Principles that set your Training up for life for toning up, losing fat & building muscle. From this you'll have a Template.
  • Video 2 will run through the actual workouts then from what you learnt in Video 1.
  • The PDF Download will then give you the structure over the coming 7-days to follow through on it all with every coaching video laid out for you to get started and set you up for either Joining a gym, getting onto a coach or if you wanted - to work with me further :)


If you haven't been following me - I'm David O' Connor, owner of Doc Fitness, Galways leading Transformation Facility & Doc Fitness Online. With our facility Full month on month, and the Results speaking for themselves - it allows me more time to help Lads that cannot make our facility in Galway. 

So the Goal with this Free Video 7-Day Program is simple - I want to Help Lads to tone up, lose the gut and build your self confidence up and just get out of the position you're in now like I was a few years back. 

I'm all for helping Lads get in the shape, fitness & strength levels they want while still living a real life. And that means learning the training & nutritional principles along the way so you can enjoy the odd weekend out and keep the foods you love in your daily Nutrition. If you're looking to get 'Shredded', wear tiny tank tops all day long and pose for 100's of gym selfies, I'm probably not for you. If you're looking to get out of the rut you're still in so you can live a happier day to day life, it's who I want to help and fucking LOVE doing it. So hopefully if you sign up for this Video Series, it'll help kick-start you :)

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