Hi, I’m David O’ Connor.

And since About pages are usually written in the third person – I’m not going to beat around the bush here, so I’ll just cut straight to who I am and why you’re here.

From Galway, Ireland, I’m the Founder, Owner and one of the Head Coaches at Doc Fitness,

A private results-driven facility here in Kilcolgan (Galway), that helps Ladies & Men alike Live a higher quality of life through the teaching of Fundamentals Principles on the Training, Mindset & Nutritional side of it all.

Which equates to 10 times more confidence in day to day life, toning up/looking better naked and developing Strength you’ve never thought you’d be able to,

(A handful of the Doc Fitness Crew along with the coaches ūüôā )

If you want to check out our Doc Fitness Website, that’s here: www.thedoc.ie

Why did I create the Online side then?

Our facility here in Galway is a blessing, but unfortunately, I can’t reach everyone who wants to train here that doesn’t live close or even in Ireland for that matter.

So Online 1-1 Coaching was born in early 2014 to help Ladies & Men alike get Leaner, Stronger and more confident without the need to be physically here in Galway.

This isn’t just a generic ‘PDF program’ either, but actually connecting with them in Person, going through their assessments, goals, needs and wants then diving into individual programming, Nutritional Coaching & diving deep into why they were actually doing this (Goal setting side of it all).

But I quickly seen how fast I couldn’t handle more than 5 clients due to time constraints,

So I put together a Group Coaching Program called ‘Alpha6’ to help reach more people in a small group setting, but, it’s still a coaching program.

Because let’s be honest – with Instagram & social media these days, every Tom, Dick & Harry seems to have ‘a breakthrough magic muscle and fat loss‘ program online that you pay for and that’s it. You’re forwarded on a PDF with a list of exercises and off you go.

And being the OCD perfectionist I am at times (I’ve gotten better over the years ;)) I wanted to make a Group Coaching Program along with a membership site that you have everything¬†you need to succeed like:

– The programme itself that’s backed in Science, Experience and actual Results generated from previous clients

– Every single coaching video related to each exercise (Not just a video of an exercise, but explaining the small and big details of an exercise)

– How to set yourself goals and a Focus to keep motivated Weekly

– Full Nutritional Coaching based off starting with the basics and progressing at their own level (I.E: Not following one daft meal plan) but rather learning Nutritional Principles for life

– Motivational Videos to keep on track for the lazy days

And the most important aspect of it all – checking in Weekly with me to see how they’re going, are they making progress and what’s the plan for the following week.¬†

So that’s the evolution really of the online side of Doc Fitness – I coach a small group of Men¬†privately that want to take their Nutrition and Training to the next level that have been training for at least 6+ Months.

Then¬†I reach larger groups through the private side of this website with my Group Coaching Program ‘Alpha6‘ currently for Males (sorry ladies, it’s in the making!) wanting to¬†Drop Fat,¬†Get Strong and build a boat load of confidence.

But, here’s TWO reasons why you shouldn’t be here:

1: You’re not willing to take Responsibility & get the results you want.

There’s no point beating around the bush here and playing the victim, if you put the work in, you’ll get in the shape of your life.

If not,

Then you probably won’t. I bullshit you not.

2: You’re looking for a one-off training or diet plan.

You learn sweet f*ck all from ‘plans’ with no flexibility, guidelines or potential for individualisation based of Principles.

I coach PRINCIPLES with everything I do from Training to the Mindset side to the Nutritional side,

If you’re looking for a way to bypass that – you’re probably not in the right place.


This is certainly not for everyone – but if you’re serious about becoming a better person overall so you can be happier and more confident in your day to day life,

This is why Doc Fitness exists.

Now if you’re only starting out and still unsure where to get started or maybe you think I’m talking through my arse,

I have free 14-Day Online Challenge for Lads that want to know where to get started when it comes to the training & nutritional side of things to get leaner and stronger.

If you’re interested, you can get signed up here for when the next 14-Day Challenge starts:¬†http://docfitnessonline.com/14daychallenge

Otherwise РI hope you take something from this website and all the videos, blogs and daily updates I put out across my social channels. 

Thanks for reading this Page ūüôā

David ‘shouldn’t write about pages’ O’ Connor