The Monthly Accountability you need to get in the shape of your Life

  • We focus on the Principles, 
  • Not the Plan's you give up after a week.
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  • You want to keep getting results for the long term & not always end up stopping and starting.
  • You want to be Leaner overall (more toned) so you've the confidence to walk around with a stride in your step.
  • You want to continue to learn proper Training & Nutritional Principles that YOU WILL hold onto for life. You know by now (or we hope you do) that we don't teach bull💩 or put out diet plans that you stop after a few weeks.


Seem 6, 12 or 20 Week programs are great... 

to get started with. 

However, the real progression lies in what you do consistently week after week constantly moving forward. 

Our main goal for you is not only to get the results you want, but more importantly, learn;

  •  The habits & routines you need to succeed for the long term.
  •  The Nutritional education you need to know exactly how to tackle weekends out, family events and anything that's thrown at you.
  •  If you want to go through a, 'fat loss or mini-cut phase', a 'maintaining phase' or transition into a 'gaining phase'; we coach you through this without ever falling off the wagon again. 

Which, takes time, consistency, and above all, patience when working towards your goals 😊


This is the key difference with the Doc Fitness Academy, you get access to David the Doc Fitness Coaching Team.

You'll have an Academy Web-App, a VIP Academy Facebook Group and most importantly, Monthly Check-ins with your coach to hold you accountable & keep you on track with your goals.


  •  Monthly Strength & Physique Programme
  • Updated Monthly
  •  Based on building Muscle & Shredding fat
  •  Based on 3-4 Main Training Days per Week
  •  Can be tweaked according to your needs
  •  Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Recipes along with Nutritional 'Hacks' at your Fingertips

  • Fat Loss Recipes updated fortnightly.
  • Being flexible with your food throughout a week (Calorie/Macro Cycling)
  • How to track food effectively & plan ahead for busy periods, nights out etc.
  • FAQ Section to help you become more knowledgeable around ‘Nutrition’ to help you reach your goals all based on years of clients results and the latest science.
  •  Extra Home/holiday Workouts

  • Short & effective Home/Holidays workouts that can be done anywhere to further help fat loss and build your 'conditioning' (fitness)

All of this is at your Fingertips on the Academy Web-App

The best part?

You get all this for only €7.50 Per Week

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  • 90-Day Doc Fitness Goal & Habits System™ 
  •  Keeping you laser focused to get the most from your Training & Nutrition. 
  •  Streamed LIVE every 90-Days in your Facebook Group so you get it done.
  •  Extra Flexibility & Technique Videos at your Fingertips Monthly
  •  'Moving Well' is a fundamental part of training that many people neglect; the Academy has you covered.
  •  Monthly & Weekly LIVE Q & A's inside your Facebook Group
  •  Getting clear on the questions you have.
  •  Measurements & Results tracking provided in App

Which, Adds up to well over the €300+ range in Value Monthly!

So, are you Ready to continue progressing with you Goals? Click the button below to get started & we'll see you over on the other side;