Looking to get in the shape of your Life with 1-1 help from David?

Evidence-Based Online Coaching to take from where you are now to where you want to be while living a real life so you don't revert back to square one ever again

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to take your Fat Loss &/or Muscle Gain efforts to the next level.
  • You're already working hard & consistent with the gym, but you know you're not making the true progress you want (i.e: body fat is hard to get rid of in certain areas, diet isn't where it could be etc.)?
  • You're tired of going at it alone but still fed up with your body fat levels, especially around the mid-section?
  • You want to be Coached Professionally with your Training & Nutrition so you can lose the bodyfat, get leaner & give the Confidence a boost?
  • Or maybe... It's size and muscle gain you're after? But again, you're struggling with it?


I'll be straight with you, 1-1 coaching isn't for everyone. 

I only take on handful of clients year round that I dedicate my 1-1 coaching time to, which means, I don't take on timewasters. If you're serious & READY to get in the shape of your life, this is for you.

This is for those that want full access to myself leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to your training & diet. 

That's where the true value is with 1-1 coaching, you're getting full access to me and that's the difference. This isn't some generic online caoching where you're told 'well done' each week and that's it, you get full, no-holds barred, full tailoired access to me along with 7 years of coaching experience with 100's of clients.

You're here to either take your fat loss to the next level and/or your muscle gain efforts, and that's what 1-1 coaching is about.



If this sounds like something you're serious about, first, I need to find out a little bit more about you so, yes, there's an application process.

If you fill in your details through the button below, you'll be sent an email which I want you to reply to so we can talk from there. 

I just want to find out a little bit more about your goals and previous training/diet experiences along with if this is suited to you before we set up a consulation call.

Plus, don't worry, I explain everything on how the coaching process works, what you get, your investment etc.

It's also why I don't put prices here online for 1-1 coaching, because you don't know the true value with this and may think it's 'expensive' when yo just see a price. 

By talking to you directly, I can show you the sheer value from this and how it's not an expense, but a massive investment upgrade to your life.

However, here's a rough guideline; I can say it's more than €150 per month but less than €200 per Month to work me 1-1 to give you an idea.

So, if that's ok with you and you're still interested? 

Click the button below and I'll talk to you soon;