Free Fat Loss


The 'tell it as it is fat loss' guide so you can Lose your first kilo of body fat without thinking you need to restrict yourself

  • How this 'Principle' Works when it comes to losing body fat, without giving up the foods you love.
  • How to (actually) incorporate the foods you love like chocolate & ice-cream into your day, every day, and still lose fat & tone up.
  • How busy people are getting in the shape of their lives without living in the gym, or spending hours in the kitchen.

Who is Doc Fitness?

Hi, I'm David, owner & head coach at Doc Fitness here in Galway, Ireland and Doc Fitness Online (Our online coaching side of Doc Fitness)

We help people drop fat while living a real life and that's where this Free Guide comes in. 

We want to show you that fat loss, muscle gain & getting into incredible shape does NOT have to be miserable once you do it right 😉

See, this isn't guesswork, it's science. 

With over 6 years experience coaching 100's of clients every week ere in Galway, everything we coach and do with our clients is backed in evidence (science), first hand coaching experience and common sense too!💩

We're tired of seeing all the mis-information and 💩 in this fitness industry so, hopefully, this guide will open your eyes a little to 'what works' based on Principles and not guesswork.

This guide shows you HOW to lose fat, & where to get started with it all. 

So, if you're looking to get some super-easy practical takeaways for fat loss, hit the download button, pop in your details and head on over to your inbox to start reading it;