Part 1 is a fundamental piece in this Blog Series, so if you’re being lazy and have avoided that – read it first:

I went through the most important player when it comes to Toning Up & losing Fat, followed by what Calorie Balance is made up of and how we actually ‘burn’ calories – so again, all foundational knowledge which sets you up for the coming Blogs.

Part two is going to get nitty gritty with the next step up in the ‘Nutritional Pyramid’ and HOW you actually can start losing Body fat from this Blog.

So if you’re one of those ‘healthy’ eaters out there that does kinda ok during the week, but then goes off track a little at the weekend, hopefully this will start to open your eyes as to why you’re not making progress 😉

So hopefully you’ll takeaway;

  • The Dummies Guide to why you need Protein, Carbs and Fats.
  • What you need to do to lose body fat & start toning up
  • How you can start today


Remember, a meal plan will probably get you results. I’m not denying that. But don’t think you’re going to learn anything else from it instead of what to eat for each meal.

What happens when you stop?

What have you learnt? Or is all you’ve gotten-good-at is prepping food for the meal plan you were using with absolutely no flexibility?

Hence why I want to drill it into you that it’s PRINCIPLES you should always be referring back to when it comes to Training, Nutrition and LIFE,

Because once you know the principles, you can do things different ways to get the same/similar result & not be fixated on one singular thing.

I talked about it more in one of my YouTube videos here if you want to watch that:

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the dummies guide to why you need protein, carbs & fats

I love giving the background with everything, so after the Main Player (Calorie Balance), the next most important step is your breakdown of Protein, Carbs and Fats (Macronutrients) so you can Build/Hold onto your Muscle while losing body fat, have enough energy in your days/workouts and live a healthy life. If you already know all this, just skip to the next heading.

We know from Part one that respectively, Protein is 4k/cals per gram, Carbohydrates also 4k/cal & Fats are 9k/cal per gram.

So here’s what their roles are in the body;

  • Protein: Primary role is Growth, Recovery & Repair of your tissues. Don’t eat enough & you risk losing/building Muscle.
  • Carbs: The body’s main source of fuel – to provide Energy. Produce it or Store it.
  • Fats: Vital for Cell Signalling – Neurotransmitters, Sex hormones, Absorbing Vitamins, Energy.

Where do Veggies come in? They would come under the Carb bracket – But I like keeping them separate to highlight the importance of Fibre. Think of Veggies as Micronutrients, for Health, Performance & General Maintenance.

So once you know the roles of each, then you’ll understand where they come into a ‘diet’ ~ which will make more sense as this blog series goes on.


Ok so up to now you’ve a lot learnt, you know that Calorie Balance is fundamental to your Goal & what roles Macronutrients have in the body.

What you need to do to lose body fat is simple…

Create A Caloric Deficit.

And here’s my method of doing that for our Members here at Doc Fitness & my coaching clients online:


More specifically,

Training & Nutritional (Knowledge) + Changing your Nutritional Habits & Actually Training (Action) = Results (Caloric Deficit)

Now this doesn’t mean you need to start counting every calorie that enters your lips to start losing body fat and tone up – there’s different ways to skin a cat and a lot of this depends on your starting point too.

My philosophy with this is this:

[bctt tweet=”Do what is needed to get the result without comprising your lifestyle or enjoyment of the whole process.” username=”thedocfitness”]

Obviosuly this will depend on your goal, your current training plan (if any at all), preferences, lifestyle, your current body fat levels etc.

It doesn’t mean doing the bare minimum either to get ‘sub par’ results, but rather, get the best results possible while while actually enjoying it all.

So with that comes different ‘levels’ of creating a Caloric deficit, so let’s start with my Level 1..


Do better than you are now.

^^This, is fundamentally my goal with everything in life no matter what. Just move forward that tiny little bit everyday and your efforts will compound into massive results over time.

Now what that means with your food is SIMPLE:

  1. Focus on Food Quality with the main focus being to start having a Protein Source in each meal ~ We use the Acronym J.E.R.F form time to time (Just Eat Real Food)
  2. Drink More Water ~ For Targets, an easy one is 2L for Ladies & 3L for Men as a generic start point.
  3. Get More active In your Days ~ Makes a HUGE difference that people underestimate, especially if you’ve a desk job.
  4. Start becoming Mindful of what you’re eating Daily by writing down a 3-Day Food Log
  5. Get more Sleep. Period. EVERYONE can do with this.

Now, none of the above are that hard are they? There’s no talk of restriction or some miserable food plan, just basic stuff you can start doing now.

And the beauty of Level 1 is that the knock-on effects each will have, take for example drinking more Water;

Because you’ve started drinking more you’ll potentially feel fuller, more hydrated, fresher and more alert which in turn will cause you to think less and subconsciously eat less food overall, potentially creating the Caloric Deficit you need to start losing weight.

Once you’ve gotten to grips with these basics – you simply move it up a gear to level 2.


Now I’ve gone through this in detail already here in this video:

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept

So to recap:

  • Use your palm for your Protein.
  • Use your fist for your Veg.
  • Use a cupped hand for your Carbohydrates.
  • Use your thumb for your Fats.

By using your Hand Sizes to gauge food portions, all you’re really doing here is controlling caloric intake again to bring about the Caloric Deficit.

By doing that Men will be in the 2000 – 2500 k/cal range, while ladies, will roughly be in the 1200 – 1500 k/cal range. But we’ll talk more about specific calorie targets in the upcoming blog.


In part 3 we’ll dive into Level 3 and get another layer deeper into it all but with this blog I wanted to give you some takeaways you can go away and start doing today.

  • Knowing you need to create a caloric deficit to lose weight & tone up
  • How to start with that ~ Level 1 (Food quality, Water Intake, Sleep Etc.)
  • How to ‘up it a gear’ ~ Level 2 (Going by Hand Sizes for Portion Control)

Hopefully you did find it helpful, because there’s WAY too much horsesh*t out there today with Nutrition, wether it’s the extreme people promoting mad diets or people who’ve never coached people in real life saying to only count calories for people that are 4 stone overweight, it’s why I do what I do.

So if you’ve any questions, I’d love to hear them at the end of this blog, but for now Part 2 can be summed up pretty well with this graphic below:


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